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Decorative Metal Wall Panels for Contemporary Homes

Written By Unknown on Monday, April 9, 2012 | 4:34 AM

Decorative metal wall panels have become very popular in recent years. The best thing about these metal pieces of artwork is they can be used to replace traditional wall hangings and paintings to make an interior space have a very contemporary appearance. These metal wall panels are available in a large variety of different styles from popular shapes and patterns to floral arrangements. Some companies even offer custom made decorative metal wall panels so you can have your own one of a kind metal wall sculpture hanging on your wall.

These metal masterpieces can be crafted of different kinds of metal. The most popular of these metals are copper, brass and wrought iron. Copper is extremely popular for those with artistic taste. Copper is very versatile since it can be used either indoors or out. It can be polished and sealed to retain the beauty of its original color or weathered to display more greenish-blue tones. Copper is usually fairly easy for most metal craftsmen to work with since it is a very soft metal. Because of this, many times decorative metal wall panels made of copper are available in varying degrees of different thicknesses and textures.

Brass can be sculpted in very high detail in a similar way as copper. Brass also has a very large variety when it comes to the color of the finish. Polished brass and antique brass finishes are among the most popular. With proper finish and protection from oils and dirt, decorative metal wall panels made of brass will last a very long time.

Wrought Iron is probably one of the most popular metals for this type of artwork, mainly because of its strength and durability and low cost to manufacture. Iron is also malleable which means that once heated, it can easily be shaped with blows from a hammer without breaking or cracking.

Although decorative metal wall panels are becoming more popular, currently many homes do not have them. Because of this, when they are placed on a home's interior walls, they catch the eye and present a sense of uniqueness and add to the character of the home. The abstractness also expresses the personality of the homeowner. These panels are fascinating and inspiring and typically they appear much more expensive than they really are.

It is strongly suggested to decide on a theme for your home prior to purchasing your panels. This theme should set a mood that you want people to feel when they come into your home. Decide which wall you want the panel to hang on and carefully measure to ensure a panel will physically fit the area you selected. Even if a large panel will fit a particular wall, keep in mind the size of the room or space as well. Large panels look better in rooms such as large foyers while smaller panels will work nicely almost anywhere.

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