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Feel Accomplished With Your Newly Decorated Home

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | 5:13 AM

                    Decorating your home might be a chore, but the sense of accomplishment when it is finished can be immense. There are few things more rewarding than completely transforming a room and turning it into something you will be proud of for years to come. Although many of us are put off by the potentially exorbitant price tag that some decorating services command, there is nothing to say that you can not get exactly the same quality of finish by trying your hand at DIY. Indeed, many people find they have a natural affinity with painting and wallpapering, whilst also going on to save hundreds of pounds. Indeed, decorating supplies are relatively cheap: it is the cost of labour which adds the most to decorating bills. Wallpapering, in particular, is a lot easier to put up than many people suppose and can make a great impact on even the most tired and dreary of rooms. Equally, because you are covering the walls rather than painting them, you do not need to worry about ensuring they are perfectly flat and without gouges or scuffs. Indeed, plastering can be very expensive and unlike many other jobs, is difficult to undertake unless you have considerable experience.

                      Wallpaper instantly adds a sense of style, depth and visual interest to a room, and can be used strategically to give the impression of greater space. Feature walls are increasingly popular ways of creating the illusion of a larger space, with just one wall decorated in a particular way and thus standing out against the rest of the room. Indeed, many people are increasingly choosing feature walls as decorative conversation points, with a wide range of styles being used, from the decadent and luxurious to the retro and obscure. Brick effect wallpaper, for example, is increasingly popular as home owners vie to find something that little bit more unusual. Indeed, if you like retro culture and fashion, brick effect wallpaper is the perfect choice: capturing the cosy conformity of a bygone era, but appropriated and endowed with a pervading sense of lucid irony through its anachronistic use.

                  Of course, you need not be so daring in your choice of wall coverings and if brick effect wallpaper is a step too far, there are a wide range of other options, from the subtle and elegant, to the bold and contemporary. The marketplace is awash with choices and this is further augmented by the wide collection of options that can be found online.

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