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Delve Into the Past With Previous Decor Trends

Written By Unknown on Thursday, May 3, 2012 | 4:40 AM

There has been something of resurgence recently in all things retro - if retro style can be said to have resurgence - a fondness for the styles of yesteryear. Whether this is a reaction to the popularity of TV shows such as Mad Men, with its fetishism of the 1960s with its new styles and fabrics, or simply because the fashion world has developed a love of all things vintage and those who wear them is unclear. Suffice it to say that 'new' is not necessarily the only way to go when you are choosing how to refurbish your home.

Back in the 1990s, minimalism became so fashionable that homes had to be as white or beige as possible. Kitchens had to be sparkling and uncluttered; bathrooms would be white and transparent. Baths gave way to walk-in showers and wet rooms as bathrooms themselves became smaller. As we are now beginning to appreciate a more vintage feel again, we are coming round to introducing bright colours and different textures back into our homes. Claw-footed baths are expensive and luxurious, but they suggest something of the boudoir aesthetic. Deep, spacious baths like these are designed to be lounged in, not simply bathed in perfunctorily.

Vintage, retro, recherché even: these are styles that need to be chosen cautiously. There are certain style choices that need to be left in the past, such as shag-pile carpets in royal hues, avocado bathroom fittings and textured wallpaper. But replacing endless glass with colourful bathroom tiles is a real joy. Tiles are perfect for protecting your bathroom walls, and injecting some much needed colour if your fittings are a neutral shade.

There are hundreds of colours and textures to choose from when it comes to bathroom tiles. If you are a fan of 1960s styling, you might want to go for fiery reds or yellows to suggest the vibrancy of that decade. Grouting is also available in different colours, so you can have a truly colour-coordinated bathroom wall. If you're tiling a back splash area, make sure you buy enough bathroom tiles to cover the area adequately. Particularly around a shower, water can cause a much bigger splash than you may think, and it is important to protect your bathroom surfaces as much as possible. Choose glazed tiles for the bathroom, as the glaze acts as a sealer and will therefore provide greater protection against water than non-glazed tiles.

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