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Choose Homely, Continental Decor

Written By Unknown on Monday, April 30, 2012 | 4:39 AM

In recent years there has been something of a move away from stark, minimalist home decor towards more homely, continental tastes. People on the hunt for a new home, particularly a family home, often list 'a large kitchen' as being one of the most desirable features of a new home.

The kitchen historically was a place frequented only by servants and waiting staff among the gentry; even in lower class households where the cooking would be carried out by a family member, the kitchen would not be used for gathering or social interaction. These days, things are completely different. A kitchen is a hugely social area - even a kind of centre to the home. When you have friends round for drinks or dinner, it is highly likely that they will be served in the kitchen, even if you move to the living room afterwards.

Cooking is itself a social event, with many people sharing cooking duties with friends rather than consigning all the work to one person. This allows people to enjoy drinks and canap├ęs and make conversation while the main meal is being prepared, meaning that whoever is doing the cooking is not left out of the socialising while they work.

Plenty of kitchen surfaces is key to making food preparation simple and stress free, as is having the eating area separate from the cooking area, so that other people are not in the way of the cooking. Floors are also important in making a kitchen feel warm rather than stark and cold. This kind of aesthetic is central to the feel of continental kitchens, whether they be French or Mediterranean in style. A great way to help your kitchen feel warm and welcoming is to lay down some kitchen tiles. Edimax tiles are made in Modena, Italy, so choosing tiles made by this widely renowned brand will help your kitchen feel full of the Italian sunshine.

Glazed porcelain Edimax tiles have a timeless, elegant appeal that will look beautiful set against all different kinds of kitchen furniture, from deep oak and walnut woods to chrome and glass. Porcelain tiles are known for their durability, and glazing adds a further layer of protection: glazed tiles have a greater resistance to water absorption, making them ideal for protecting your kitchen floor against spillages. After installing your Edimax tiles all you will need to worry about is keeping your kitchen filled with friends and wonderful food.

Samantha Brown is an experienced author who specialises in tiles and enjoys sharing her thoughts and interests with you. The websites recommended by Samantha have been chosen by herself from her own personal experiences. Take a look at Edimax tiles and buy online today.

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