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Beautify Your Living Space With Area Rugs

Written By Unknown on Friday, May 25, 2012 | 4:56 AM

If you are looking for simple ways to beautify your home, adding some colors and making it really comfortable, then your safest bet is the area rugs. There is no need for you to be jittery and wondering if you can get one that will suit your home because there are lots of styles, colors, designs and textures for you to choose from to blend perfectly with the decor and overall setting of your home. So, it does not really make much difference whether you desire an area rug that is woven, hand-tied, machine-made, tufted or braided, you are sure to get it.

A lot of homeowners are known to have a high level of preference for those rugs that are hand-tied since they last longer and are considered a perfect investment, most of the machine-made types are seriously competing with them both in value and aesthetic appeal. Based on this, what would it be for you, considering especially patterns, colors, styles, weaves and lots more? Now take a good look at the different types of rugs and based on the aforementioned characteristics, you can make a choice of what best suits you and your home.

• Natural Fiber Rugs: The use of sea grass, bamboo, sisal, hemp and jute fibers in the production of area rugs is a welcome development since they are renewable and environmental friendly, especially for those who are 'green' enthusiasts. This type of rug is mostly suitable for rooms that are not always in use since they are difficult to clean when they get dirty and wears down quickly under constant traffic.

• Floral and Print Rugs: This type of area rug is best suited for those homes or apartments with simple furnishing which tends to be dull. When you decorate with a floral and print rug, you add some splashes of colors to your apartment and automatically rid your home of that drab look. It all depends on what you actually want, you can go for traditional or modern designs.

• Woven Patterned Rugs: This inexpensive type of rug usually comes in contemporary, floral, color blocks and stripes patterns or designs. Should your desire be to achieve a mild background in your home, you should go for those colors that seamlessly blend with the home furniture. If on the other hand your home is plain and you need a sort of focal point, then you should go for bold colors.

• Moroccan Rugs: When it comes to area rugs, Moroccan can never be left out since they have been authoritatively classified as the tourist take-home item. Not only are they durable, they are also colorful and decorative. However, you should stay away from the cheaper types of this rug since they are known to be colorfast and in most cases, the bled out colors stain your floor directly beneath the rug.

• Persian Rugs: This type of area rug originally comes from Iran. In producing them, thousands of years old designs and technology is employed. Whether your desire is for a finely knotted rug or the one with amazing colors and interesting designs, this is the rug for you. The rugs are mostly made of silk and wool and are known to last for a very long time.

• Oriental Rugs: A lot of people tend to think or believe that all oriental rugs come from Iran but that is far from the truth. Although Iran produces this type of rug, other countries like India and China are also known to have their own designs and styles of this rug. They are mostly suitable for those homes that witness high traffic on daily basis since they can withstand it all, being made from silk or wool.

There are still other types of area rugs but with these few mentioned, I believe the task will no longer be demanding when it comes to making a choice of area rug based mainly on design, texture, color and style.

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