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Things to Consider When Renovating Your House

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | 4:42 AM

If you've recently moved house and are considering renovations, there are a few things to consider doing immediately to make your house feel like a home. Moving house can make you feel very displaced and a little lost at first, so every little you can do to make your new property your own will help in the settling-in process.

Firstly, put up some mirrors, or even just lean them against the wall if they're very large. Light will make a new house feel more homely, and mirrors help reflect the light, making your room feel twice as big. If the renovations you are making to the house are more cosmetic than structural, then simply putting things in the right place immediately will help: living out of boxes for weeks on end will only prolong your sense of displacement.

Strip back any carpets and wallpaper that looks worn or dated. Old-fashioned decor can feel oppressive, and it can be difficult to look past it. If the existing decoration is dark or heavily patterned, this will make rooms feel smaller. It doesn't take too much skill to remove carpets or wallpaper, just a little time and the right equipment. Bare walls and floorboards can be quite energising to look at: they suggest progress, and they act as a reminder that you are well on your way to making the house your own. They are also neutral, and can reveal light and space that you didn't know the property had.

If the property is fairly old and is lacking power points, get these attended to by an electrician as soon as possible. Not only does a lack of power points - or power points in inconvenient places - make life very difficult, it can also be dangerous. Having electrical points lying around because they aren't in use is highly unwise, and could lead to electrical faults. Getting your electrics sorted so that you can use any household appliance any time you need it will give you a much better sense of belonging and organisation.

Redo your kitchen and bathroom tiles. These are rooms that you need to feel comfortable in, as you are likely to spend a considerable amount of time in them. Make sure that your bathroom walls and area behind your cooker are protected by putting in ceramic tiles. Many bathrooms have ceramic tiles around the bath, but not enough to protect walls from splashes. Make sure you have enough ceramic tiles to cover the area adequately to avoid damaging your paintwork; this will help your other decoration work last longer.

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