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Make Picking Wallpaper Easy

Written By Unknown on Monday, June 25, 2012 | 5:07 AM

When it comes to redecorating, there are so many choices available. Whether you paint, wallpaper or clad, there are so many options that you can realistically consider that most of the hard work needs to be done even before you lift a paintbrush. The drudgery of trudging through countless DIY stores and home decorating centres can only be surpassed by the seemingly endless time spent purchasing paint tester pots or samples of wallpaper just to get an idea of how your colour scheme might work at the conclusion of all your hard work. Indeed, as if this was not enough, there is also the countless other accessories you need to consider for after the main work has been completed.

From light fittings to door handles and dado rails, once you have changed one element of your furnishings, you need to reconsider everything else, including the type, colour and layout of your furniture and upholstery.

However, the good news is that with the rise of online shopping, the task of choosing a wallpaper design or paint colour scheme has become a lot easier. Many modern internet retailers will now provide you with a small sample pot or test piece free of charge and sent directly to your home. All you need do is sit back at home with your laptop or tablet computer and browse through their online catalogues of paint and wallpaper. This process is obviously not only a lot easier than having to traipse through countless shopping centres and or retail parks, but can also be a lot quicker.

Rather than inspect shelf after shelf of wallpaper design or paint shades, many online catalogues allow you to search for particular shades or design types, narrowing the process down and making it a lot easier to find something you like. This is particularly the case with wallpaper design, where certain pattern styles are anathema to some people. So, if you know that you have an aversion to floral chintz that borders on the pathological, you no longer have to drop kick your partner at the sight of yet another elegant blue willow design - which will no doubt please him or her and certainly save you the extra effort.

Online shopping can also make it a lot easier to visualise the overall effect of a certain colour scheme, as many retailers now incorporate sophisticated design systems that let you upload a picture of your room and then superimpose a mock-up of what it will look like with a particular colour or wallpaper.

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